Account refers to any account you have now or thereafter with us and any account used for the purposes of the Services and whose money may be requested for the use of the Services, regardless of whether the account is opened separately or jointly. The ATM means an ATM or card machine that accepts the card. AUD means the Australian dollar, Australia`s legal currency for the time being. Authorized person refers to a person (either alone or with another person/person) that you authorize and that we have authorized to act for or on your behalf to give instructions, execute or sign a document or manage your account. The card account refers to each account in relation to the card. Card refers to any credit card we issue, including a personal card, an additional card, a personal business card or a business card, and any replacement or renewal of such a card or other card that we may issue from time to time. If such a card is scanned, recorded and stored electronically in mobile wallets as part of mobile services, the card also means that the card is stored electronically in a mobile wallet. Cash Out refers to the service whereby cash in Singapore dollars is linked through the Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale system from a reseller`s point-of-sale terminal (with NETS functionality) or the net terminal with the use of a NETS card with NETS functionality associated with a current account or bank-managed savings account, under the permission of a previous point of sale with that card at the point of sale ( Cash issued or withdrawn from time to time by the bank is subject to NETS` daily default limit and the conditions that the bank may impose from time to time. This service is only available in Singapore. The business card refers to a card issued to the employer`s worker at the employer`s request. Corporate CardUser refers to a person whom the employer approves and whom we approve with a business card.

Costs include fees, fees and fees, including legal fees (based on full compensation). The credit limit shows the maximum total amount you can display on a card account. The employer is the employer of the Personal Corporate CardUser or Corporate CardUser. “equipment”: any equipment, equipment or electronic, wireless, wireless, transmission or telecommunications equipment, equipment or support, including, but not limited to, the Internet, computer or mobile devices, devices, terminals or system that may be required to access and use services; The royalty and royalty guide is the royalty and royalty guide for the card account and maps in the Guide attached to Schedule 1 of this agreement. Responsibility means all debts, debts or obligations that you owe us now or in the future, whether actually or contingent, primary or security, several or spouse.