Videos or photos of recognizable patients must be accompanied by a letter from the author indicating that signed consent forms have been obtained for all identifiable patients to authorize publication. If videos of deceased patients are to be shown, written permission from the next relative is required. For all persons under the age of 18, written consent from the parents is required. The dual registration is made possible by a mutual recognition agreement between the international EPD® and the Bauen und Umwelt e.V. Institute. Requesting a double record from IBU means that EPDs: For maximum quality, numbers and graphics must be deposited as separate files with a Windows-compatible format (jpg, eps, gif or tiff). The figures for EEG and imaging should have a resolution of 300 dpi. At the publisher`s discretion, colour images are reproduced against the author`s expense; a quote will be made individually upon request. If you have not discussed this update with your chief pharmacist, please discuss it with them before filling out this form. Order forms and model EPDs can also be requested in other languages Please contact us by email at Keywords: Recording keywords makes it easier to find videos available on the epileptic dysfunction site.

Keywords must be relevant to the video sequence or sequences and must be selected from the lists available on the manuscript repository platform (click here to access the list). Authors may suggest keywords that are not on the list, but it is at the editor`s discretion to accept them to be included in the list. Our policy is to minimize the list of keywords. The following keywords must be assigned: The names of all authors must be included in the letter. Authors must recognize in their cover letter that they all agree with the version of the submitted manuscript and that the book is not reviewed simultaneously by another journal. It is assumed that the material was not published beforehand. If it has been published in an abstract form beforehand, this must be indicated and referenced in the cover letter. 3. Requests for personal data collected through the form, including access and corrections, should be directed to the following persons: It is the author`s responsibility to ensure that all experimental investigations of human persons were carried out knowingly and with the consent of the relevant ethics committee (s) For more information, please contact the Secrerariat. Application forms for import/export certificates for proposed chemicals tested under the Hazardous Chemicals Control Regulation, namely Import Certificate Form 3 (TRA 187) and Export Certificate 6 (TRA 394), are only available in the commercial and industrial department.

Information on filling out these forms can be found in the guidelines for the application of an import/export certificate for chemicals under the Import and Export Regulations (Chapter 60). Please read the instructions on collecting personal data before downloading the form. It is the author`s responsibility to ensure that all patients or other persons caught on video or photographic media have given informed consent to publish the material, on the basis that it will not be used for any purpose other than medical publication. Please fill out the online form to open your article: access to personal data 2. You are entitled to access and correct personal data in accordance with sections 18 and 22 and Principle 6 of Schedule 1 of the Data Protection Regulation.