Licenses are not related to the product version. For example, an Enterprise Edition database license is also valid for Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g, Oracle 11g or the latest Oracle 12c. However, you are only entitled to new versions if you have a valid maintenance and support contract. For Oracle Standard Edition, note that versions and 12.0.2 require an Oracle Standard Edition 2 license. This license would then be application-specific and cannot be used for others. The customer should renew the license with Application Vendor each year in advance in order to obtain all the support and compliance requirements that the ASFU license (or) may migrate to the Full Use (FU) license with additional costs and renew them directly with Oracle or another authorized Oracle partner. Device Competitor (CD) licenses have been defined as “the maximum number of input devices that, at any given time, connect to the specified system.” There is a network version of this license that has slightly different conditions. Unlike Microsoft`s agreements, there is also no “version control language” in the OMA to determine which specific documents were included in the agreement. This fact gives Oracle an excellent opportunity to change the conditions without or with little announcement. Oracle database software can be very expensive or very cheap (even free) depending on what you buy/use: please note – on Enterprise Edition, the partition is almost always installed. It is used by the Oracle database itself – this command provides no information about the licensing requirement. If you use Standard Edition or Standard Edition One on a 2-processor system, all you need is 2 processor licenses.

Indeed, from 1 September 2015, when standard DB Edition programmes are granted, a processor corresponding to a socket is counted; However, for multichip modules, each chip in the multichip module is counted as a power outlet. Oracle replaced Oracle Standard Edition and Oracle Standard Edition One with Oracle Standard Edition 2 (SE2). An example of this license model used may be a point-of-sale system that requires a database to record transactions. Oracle licenses can be purchased through direct maintenance with Oracle, Independent Vendor Software (ISV) (in the case of ESL or ASFU licenses) or an Oracle License Store partner. Embedded Software License (ESL)[1] is a very restrictive type of license, available from independent software providers (ISVs) that insert Oracle technology into their product.