94 A director may, by mutual agreement, authorize a guardian to exercise the rights and obligations of the director with respect to the care, custody or guardianship of a child under the authority of the guardian. If your child has been diagnosed as a severe disability or long-term or sustainable development, you may be able to receive additional help. The ministry could assist with services such as recreational care, home care, autism funding, a babysitter and care assistance. (b) an agreement on care in accordance with the welfare legislation of children in another jurisdiction. (a) under this Act, a principal is caring for a child or a principal or any other person has custody of a child pursuant to an order made under this Act and (1.1) Despite subsection 1, if a child is in the care of a person other than the child`s parent, pursuant to an agreement under Section 8 , the court may: , with the written consent of the persons referred to in paragraph 1 of this section, an order referred to in section 54.01 (5) transfers custody of the child to the person other than the child`s parent. (d) the requirement of conditions to be included in the agreements provided for by this Act, including, but not exclusively, the agreements covered in point (c); (a) an agreement in accordance with Sections 5, 6, 7, 8, 12.2 or 92.1, where the agreement contains conditions for the use, disclosure and security of the information contained in the agreement; 22 If a director and a person are unable to resolve a child-related issue or a foster plan, the director and person of mediation or other alternative dispute resolution mechanisms may accept the issue. “child in custody,” a child in the custody, custody or guardianship of a director of adoption; (b) the Director`s Welcome Plan for Section 54.01 (1) applies to the transfer of custody of the child to the person other than the parent after the residency requirement under Section 54.01 (5) (c) has been met, and the PSE agreement defines the best way to meet your child`s needs, services and assistance to your child and the duration of your care. b) if the total duration of all successive custody plans with all directors relating to the same child, including all extensions, does not exceed 18 months. (b) make payments to one of the parents or any other person caring for a child with special needs to assist the parent or any other person in obtaining non-sanitary and medical assistance services to enable the child to reside at home; You can often conclude these agreements through collaborative planning and decision-making. (7) An agreement reached by a director with a young person in this section applies to young people. (a) 12 months if the child or youngest child under agreement was under the age of 5 on that date, 20 (1) The objective of a family conference is to enable and assist the family in developing a reception plan which (3), subject to the provisions of section 103, paragraph 2, (Q.2), of an agreement with a First Nation , the Nisg`a Nation, a community of 100 states or any other indigenous community must contain conditions for the use, disclosure and security of information provided to the First Nation, Nisg`a`a Nation, First Nation Treaty or Indigenous Community under the agreement.

(a) be fed, clothed and cared for according to community standards and enjoy the same quality of care as other children in accommodation; (v) with any government ministry or community authority, if an agreement is needed to integrate the planning and provision of prevention and assistance services to families and children, If you are in crisis and cannot keep your child at home for a short period of time, you can enter into a voluntary foster care agreement to put your child in care.