In the upcoming pages, we have provided explanations of the different types of offers and agreements, including some standard documents. We have a number of types of offers available to cover a variety of scenarios. The offer depends on whether, at this stage, you only want to get an idea of the royalties or if you need a more formal offer and if you ask us to do all the interconnection work, or if you want to know the cost of nonsible work for which the work punishable by compensatory measures is carried out by an independent operator. To conclude this agreement with us, or if you have any questions, please contact the Liaison Policy team at l` Due to the delivery contract you enter into with your selected supplier, you automatically enter into the National Terms of Use. In many cases, we also need a site-specific connection agreement. You are not obligated to accept the change, but depending on the changes applied, non-acceptance of mandatory or necessary changes may prevent the assembly work from continuing. There are a number of agreements that need to be made to link up with the WPD network. These include specific agreements for the ICP and IDNO Plus connection agreements, which must be signed by their end-users for WPD to resume the links. If you would like to reach an agreement, please contact your local WPD contact. We may provide test equipment to ICP companies that have entered into the renewal of the Rent a Test Probe competition agreement on the basis of a request. The rental of this aircraft is subject to the terms of the EoC Test Prod Hire contract.

Your connection offer specifies the version of the Terms and Conditions applicable at the time of the broadcast. However, it is interesting to note that any agreement you get is specific to the location of individual connection requirements. Therefore, any documentation you receive may differ from the examples provided. The framework agreement is cross-cutting. However, we need to set up a specific timetable for each scheme or project. The advantage of this approach is that it requires much less red tape for each system than the previous tripartite agreement. Once a connection offer has been accepted, we may have to enter into a permanent agreement setting the terms of the connection. These may be connection agreements for individual premises or bilateral liaison agreements for on-board networks owned by an independent network manager (IDNO).