What do you get if you hire a professional accountant to deal with your salary accounting and payroll tax issues? This is certainly a fair issue, because the level of service from providers seems very different. As far as I know, some wage providers do not even set the details of their services in writing. 1) Setting up and processing the weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or adapted payslip. (The choice is yours, your selection can be changed at any time, and your choice of salary cycle has no influence on any other provision of this agreement). I am pleased to be able to offer my services to salary accounting services, including the establishment of quarterly and quarterly annual account tax returns for – This letter will confirm our understanding of the terms and objectives of this commitment and the nature and limitation of the services I provide. This letter includes: 1) weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payroll tax services and 2) year-end payroll tax returns. This pricing agreement is based on the assumption that you will provide your assistance, the expected cooperation with your staff and the assumption that there will be no unexpected circumstances during the engagement. If you need significant additional time, I will discuss it with you and get a new estimate of the costs before the additional costs are incurred. Changes to the non-higher fee amount are signed in writing by my company and by you. My invoices for these fees are made every month during the work and are payable upon presentation. The third-party payroll service provides additional assurances, insurance and quality restrictions on its services that are not included in this engagement letter. My commitment does not involve a review of payroll tax returns in previous periods. With respect to all the recommendations, suggestions and/or comments of the current year, I give you the opportunity to answer these questions and include your response in a management correction plan.

2) Presentation of forward-looking accounts or forecasts that may affect tax on planning salaries. 3) Designing, implementing and maintaining appropriate internal control for the development and fair presentation of payroll accounting documents. If I find events after the issuance of my reports that would lead us to re-found the wage reports, I will rewrite the reports in the same way and to the same people and organizations as the original reports. 2) Electronic Payment of Bank Accounts and Wage Tax Accounts You will be immediately informed in writing if any changes are made to this Agreement or if restrictions are imposed on me during the commitment to include the failure to make the corresponding books and records available in a timely manner or the refusal to access the appropriate books and records, which would affect the extent of the commitment or nature of the tests required by the standards reviewed above.