A notarized document helps verify that you are the one signing the document. The sole purpose of notarization of a document is therefore to prevent any document fraud and/or identity theft by preventing a person from producing a falsified document. A notarized letter, certified by a notary, also helps protect the rights of citizens who might otherwise be exploited, and many legal proceedings can be avoided if the document of a transaction is certified by a notary. Documents such as wills, trusts, adoption documents and medical release forms require a notarized signature. In general, the papers have space and explicitly mention the need for a notarized signature if necessary. Dear visitors, our notary office had the opportunity to submit electronic tax audit documents for the public registration of legal persons and individual funeral directors, the agreement for the transfer of shares in limited liability companies and the introduction of changes to the information relating to legal persons and individual funeral homes. To take advantage of the opportunity of this service, you must provide a complete set of documents, including the receipt of the payment of state tax. We also apply and receive information from the Sberbank of Russia in electronic form on the search for invoices of the deceased. In the vijay Kumar v. Devesh Behri Saxena case in 2007, the Allahabad Supreme Court ruled that for real estate, the contract of sale must be registered in UP, and an unregistered contract of sale for real estate is not considered evidence. In accordance with Article 89 of the basics of the legislation of the FR on Notariat, the notary produces executive notes on the documents that fix the debt to weigh on the sums of money or justify the assets by the debtor. Online Notary: It is possible to have notarial documents certified online, but you should check if it is acceptable before doing so. Some situations, such as real estate transactions in some states, require a personal signature.

In other situations (especially in the case of a quick transaction, if you are pressed for time), it may be useful to certify online. If you work online, the notary must verify your identity and register your signature by video….