If the KMS server cannot be used in justified cases, a MAK key can be requested by e-mail from support@gwdg.de. The sender`s address must be one of the email addresses assigned by the university or GWDG. Once your documents have been analyzed, you will be asked to agree on 3 interviews with three faculty members. You will then be informed of the admission decision. After your adoption, a formal application to GGNB is required. Please fill out the form provided here: Full GGNB registration, check the data entered, then click on “Submit Form”. Then, please pass the two completed forms to the Molecular Medicine Coordination Unit. Please do not send an application to the GGNB! After your adoption by the PhD program, we will send you the “support agreement” and the “doctoral student declaration”. Göttingen`s history and reputation as a research centre have attracted an exceptional number of Max Planck Institutes. Max Planck is the most successful research organisation in Germany.

Since its inception in 1948, 18 Nobel laureates have come from the ranks of its scientists and put it on an equal footing with the best and most prestigious research institutes in the world. Four of the Göttingen Nobel laureates are affiliated with the Max Planck Society. Among the scientists who received the Nobel Prize in Physics for their work in Göttingen are Max Born, James Franck, Werner Heisenberg and Johannes Stark. The youngest Nobel laureate on campus, Stefan Hell, is a physicist working at one of the Max Planck Institutes in Göttingen. For any administrative questions, please contact the coordination office, e-mail: secretariat.molmed (at)med.uni-goettingen.de. For any questions regarding the scientific content, please contact Professor Thomas Bayer, e-mail: tbayer (at)gwdg.de Since 01.10.2014, the entire University of Göttingen, including the University Medicine of Göttingen (UMG), has adhered to the federal framework contract of the Microsoft campus agreement. The contract expires on 30.04.2021. The associated wholesale account reseller is asknet AG, which already supports the Microsoft Select Plus contract for the university. PC Password -> Hardware, Software, Devices PDF Files -> Adobe Acrobat ProfessionalPhishingPhishing Warnings Printers -> Printers Hardware -> Campusprint Print -> Campusprint Programs -> Software Software -> Support GWDG has entered into several campus and volume licensing agreements with leading software providers that provide software at a lower cost. Different terms of reference apply in particular to beneficiaries depending on the contract or software. Campus Licenses – > Framework Software Contracts and Campus Licenses – > Special Rates for Students and Printing Of Pocketscampus Central Computer Information – > Support Certification Body CIP-Pool -> Computer LabCitavi Computer -> Hardware, Software, Peripherals Computers -> Computer Lab Computer Courses -> IT CoursesComputer Security Course Evaluation -> EvaSys Courses -> IT Courses and Workshops Courses -> Create a VC Course Departments and Courses University buildings are on two campuses g elegen and are easily distanced on foot or by bike from one another….